Wellness and Water Retreat or WWR (5 hours)


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Ideal for those who wish to unwind with spiritual experiences!

WWR is a delightful break you can take from the quotidian hustle-bustle. Sailing through Koh Panak and Koh Hong, the House of Fragrance offers an idyllic environment to be mindful. The activities included on this Phuket cruise package include:

  • Guided Meditation & Yoga on the beach
  • Complete immersion in nature
  • Reconnecting mind, body, and soul

Wellness and Water Retreat also replaces authentic Thai food with organic, healthy food. Instead of the delicious cocktails, guests get to refreshing herbal drinks. The perk of free transportation is a part of WWR as well.

The price of Wellness and Water Retreat Phuket Cruise Package is 39,000 THB for 6 persons. You can add more people on-board for an extra 1800 THB/person. The maximum number of persons allowed on-board is 25.